Burlock Advisors offer consulting, contract and project assignments to help drive finance transformation in your organization especially  for FP&A, General Accounting (GAAP compliance), Management & Functional  Reporting, Productivity Programs, Budgeting, Annual Operating and Long-range Plan development. The details of the services are offered below.

  • FP&A and Commercial & Operations Finance

  • Forecasting & Performance Management

  • Corporate, Divisional and Functional Budgeting

  • Analytics and Dashboards

  • Annual Operating Plans & Long-Range Planning

  • General Accounting Process Improvements

  • Finance Organization Transformation

  • Zero Based Budgeting Program

  • Brand Value Management & Growth Strategy


In addition, we offer a tools package with comprehensive excel and powerpoint templates to jump start your business insights and planning.


By leveraging the body of knowledge working side-by-side with blue-chip clients, we have internalized the best practices in FP&A and Finance Transformation. We will bring to the table some of these practical and easy to implement tool, processes and engagementt models to your organization. The sample list of the companies whose best practices will leverage is shown below.